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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

nail tutorial(wild girl) & really good news (raw sugar world)

I don't know what it is about the cheetah print nail design i just love it
the things you will need:
-base&top coat
-hot pink polish
-black polish (with/without skinny brush)
-electric blue polish
-silver sparkle polish

Your might need a cheetah print to look back on for a pattern.
first put on a base coat. then a coat of the hot pink, two if your polish isn't bright. then with the black make the black spots. the spots aren't going to be perfect at all.once that dries take the electric blue put it in between the black or on the top of the black dot. Now this part is optional use the silver glitter polish and just put random spots of glitter around.Let that dry completely and put a top coat on it then you done.

If your already skilled a little with nail designs this would have been a breeze but if your still a beginner again just use a cheetah print pattern to help you.

I have really really good news. Later on this year Im definatly starting "RawSugar World" (my online store if you didn't know). I've already created the website but i haven't published it yet. Im so excited im finally going to have an online business. I've been planning it since the begining of last year. I know i've said this a lot to "once i get my camera" i can take pictures of all the items im selling.

The this what im going to sell in my store. First my polymerclay charms and jewelry, bows(sequince,satin,&cotton), hopefully deco den items (like cell phone&ipod cases,earphones,contact cases, conpact mirrors,small storage containers), fake nails. and all of these thing will be made and designed by me.