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Monday, August 24, 2009

2-way nail art polishes (brush/pen)

OK so I've been hearing a lot lately about these little nail polishes right here. apparently at the top of these nail design polish tops there are also pens and a brush .so these pens can be used as a dotting tool or if your doing swirls,flowers,bows, or any very detailed design this will really be helpful. you can buy them on eBay.com . if you don't already have a membership on eBay you have to get one because you can get some really good deals for beauty supplies up there.

the second picture on the bottom you can see the tops better.so the part were the two golden strips are you pull that off and the ridged part is where the pen begins. for the brush you just screw the whole top off like a
regular design nail polish brush.

another thing, the bottles are plastic the whole
thing is plastic so you might want to get insurance
on the shipment or whatever to make sure you
get to use all your products.if you're not sure about
this nail poilsh brush/pen thing then they have a
different amounts of polishes you buy. the lowest
amount i found is 12 then its goes 24,54,72.
i think 72 is the highest. but please try it's their
really good the colors some out nice and everything
so buy it it's worth the money.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

color wild thing nail tutorial

wild thing nail tutorial
things you will need:
- clear base&top coat
-hot pink nail polish
-fuchsia nail polish
-black nail design polish
For the designs their are 2
pics i tried to make as a
guide for you guys.
-apply base coat. put one coat of hot pink
on all nails. now for the tiger design you
are only going to do your thumb,middle,and
pinkie fingers on both hands. so to do this
design it's better to do it from the bottom-up
so on the bottom left of your nail push down a little
bit to make the line look thicker then lift up and flick
for a skinnier ending.the line should not start on one
side of the nail and end up on the other, it stops in the
middle. alternate the side you start with do all fingers
listed until you get to the top of the nail.
-the on your pointer and ring fingers do the leopard
print design.for this design you will always need a color
to go under the black lines.put random shaped dots
around your nail.let that dry then come back with
the black and put 2 or 3 lines around the dots alternating
with the number of lines. to finish let nails completely
then put a top coat over nails.done.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The sims (cheats,free download websites & more)

so the first time i played the sims,
when i was 10 i think, i was blown away.you could do whatever you wanted. have kids,get married,it was like your controlling their lives.

-the sims
this is the first sims game i've ever played. i remember my cousin actually got me into the game. we would call each other and talk about what happen in our sim lives. one time she called me at 10:00pm while i was sleep.the ringer on the phone woke me up,mind you im half sleep. she said "taylor, my sim just died!"when i responed i was so worried then she said "no in the sims no one died in real life" llz :).just thought that was funny now that i think about it because i was pissed. so in the first sims you are kinda limited to how your sims look.if it was a dark skin toned sim they only had black hair,light skin tone bloned so on & so forth.um for your sims to have a baby or have sex you needed this love bed to do that. you couldn't say if the people you made in the family is married or not. it just wasn't as realistic, unlike the next generation which is ths sims 2.now ofcourse it had expantion packs where it would give you new clothes, items, characters,places to go.all of the expantion packs for the first sims is as follows:unleashed,vacation,house party,hot date,super star & make'n magic. i have the complete collection because i lost all of my originals.now i don't know a lot but some cheats for this one is(another thing, put them in the cheats box exactlly how i typed them then they should work):
cheat box- ctrl+shift+c opens it & Esc closes it.

rosebud; ; ;
-that gives you more money
moveobjects (on/off)
-let's you move things you don't normally move

and thats all, i told you its not a lot :D. i don't know any download websites for the first game
because at that time i had no idea you could make your own clothes and objects.

- the sims2
now you know i just had to have this game. my dad got it for my b-day plus a new computer for better graphics. it was amazing when the intro came on to the loading of the game it made my puples inlarged. you can do much more on the sims2. you have a to choose to shape of the sims nose,lips,jaw,eyes.even though it's more realistic they do have somethings that aren't so realistic.your sims can be made into a vampire,zombie,plantsim,werewolf it's crazy.this game has a lot of expantion packs i can't list them all so here's a url to all of them: http://thesims2.ea./about/index.php?pid=pcgames.
some cheats for this game is as follows:
Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
-press shift then click on a sim while on a lot and it will give you lots of options.
-gives your sims family $50,000.
moveobjects (on/off)
-lets you move things you don;t usually move.
-makes all needs green/fill up

-the sims3
now i haven't had the prevlige of playing this one, but i will be getting it sometime soon. my mom told me she was going to get it for me cause i passed all my HSA's(it's 4 test's you have to pass in high school in order to gradutate,yea :D). i've seen a lot of prviews on youtube of the game so i have an idea of what it might be like to play it and i can't wait until i get it.

please check out all of the games there really fun if you get into it and create people you know.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some of my fav. places to shop <3

-Delia's(graphic tees)

-charlotte rouse(dressy shirts)
-Hot topic(everything)
-newyork & company(dress pants)
i like a lot of things i never limit myself to
one look.so look up these stores on the internet
im sure you'll find some thing you like, i did.
Oh, and the pics of the shirts on the side is from
delia's. enjoy >_< !

Today's Gossip:Lady Gaga has WHAT!

Ok, so i think many of you have reportedly
heard about Lady gaga's huge suprise to the media.
Lady gaga is intersexual/hermaphrodite (however
you wanna say it). No one ever thought that this
could be ture. I mean look at her she's a sexy, hot,&
talented person. An artist and song writer.that's the
same way that we should look at her now. I mean i
didn't belive it until i actually saw this video check it out:
To me it's not a big deal i won't look at her any different.
i remember i was on facebook and this guy updated his
statis saying "omg lady gaga has a dick". Someone else
commented on his status saying "i know kid cuddi,wale, and
akon mad as shit right now". I was like "why would they be mad
its not any of their business. I doubt very highly that they would
be mad because they assotiated with her."

So they are also reporting what she said but they aren't sure
she said it because they can't find a reliable source. But in this
statement it says "I think this makes a great opprotunity to
make other multipule gendered people comfortable with their
bodys." I agree with that statement whether it was her or not.

This is just going to be Ciara all over again. even though Ciara
is also a talented, beautiful woman they ridiculed the shit out of
her.But i hope she stays strong and doesn't say anything stupid to the media.
instead she should start a thing where multipule gendered peolpe could
get therepy if their having trouble with dealing,hire some one who could
show them ways of having a normal life style & sex life.
THESE ARE MY OPINIONS SO DEAL. thanks for reading peace & love <3

how to keep healthy looking nails<3

this is what i do ever time i do my nails.
whether it be my toes or hands. so your
basicly going to learn how i do my maincure
& pedicure rotine.

things you will need:
-nail file.i use emery boards by trim.they can be found at walmart.
i use these because they come with a lot of little files,their strong,&
they last longer than regular nail files. another thing i found out about these files is that they have a very coarse texture to them.so if you have weak nails and you use these don't be to harsh with the movement of shaping your nail (it would break of part of your nail instead)

-strenthening nail polish remover. usually for me when i mess up my nails and i have to
start all over again the nail polish softens my nails making them weak(so they break off and etc.)so i use strengthing polish remover instead.

-culicle oil/vitamin e oil. i use ruby kisses cuticle oil.it contains lemon extract and vitamin e oil.so if you can't find this then just get vitamin e oil and lemon extract mix it together bam! plus it makes your hands smell like lemon tarts yum.

-cuticule cutters. i know some of you have heard that cutting your cuticules is bad,you should
just moisturize but for some reason my cuticule grow a lot faster than others (weird i know) if you don't wanna use it you don't gotta llz :D

-nail buffer. it don't matter what kind just make sure it's coarse enough to buff the nail.

-clear strenghtening nail polish. preferably sally hansens :)

-nail growth formula. i use 'nutra nail 5 to 7 grownth aloe formula'. my nails were short, they kept breaking and flaking(nail layers were peeling). so this has definitly worked for me i use it everyday even if i have nail polish on.
-my fav. nail polish
so first take off any nail polish. buff & shape nails then cut off cuticules. apply growth formula on nail,cuticule,& under nail.massage into nail. then moisturize cuticules with cuticule oil, massage that into cuticule. apply nail polish strenghtener, let dry. then apply color onto nails, let that dry.
put on a top coat.after that dries put some more cuticule oil on nails or moisturize hands with lotion.