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Friday, February 12, 2010

Perfumes I love

I haven't been using perfums lately, um im using fragrenced oils. I got them from a little store in Greenbelt mall. They sell a lot of scarves,hats,gloves,t-shirts,umbrellas,inscents,facemasks. Its like one of those "oh yea i do need a scarf before it really starts to snow" type of stores lls. But they also sell the little oils and natural soaps like "black soap" & "lemon grass and tea tree soap".

So there are a lot of fragrances to choose from. The have ,almost, everything from vanilla and lavender oils to impressions of "curve soul" and Vera Wang "princess". I got Viva La Juciy and Lil Kim they were $3.00 each and they come in little viles. Which brings me to my next thing, regular perfums.

One of my all time favorites is Vera Wang "Princess". It smells so good, like sweets and thats what i like.i've only had that in a sample bottle though and used it up within 3 days lls. I always get fruity sugary smells. My perfum collection isn't that big but this is what i have now: Paris Hilton "Can Can", Victorias Secrets "Pink" & "Very sexy", Gwen Steffoni Harajuka Lovers in "G", Celine Dion "Enchanting", Walt Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" hototopic. When I go back to greenbelt im definatly going to get vera wang princess.


So heres a preview of what is to come from rawsugarworld. Theres a lot of deserts and sweets, but i will be taking custom orders too. I don't quite have the pricing of everything yet, but I will be opening the store later this year during the summer 2010 so look out for it. Heres the pictures:

Chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes w/ pinksprinkles, chocolate bars, heart shaped candies. I also have dreamsicles, lemon merange pie, mini cupcake parfaits, lollipop swirls, chocolate cake w/pink icing & chery on top, whipped cream w/rhinestones,and pink strawberry filled cookies w/ rhinestones.

email me at therawsugarworld@yahoo.com to give me some more ideas ^__^

Valentines Day


Here is a nail tutorial for you guys. I know it's a little late because today's the 12th but it's better than nothing right.

Things you will need:
White nail polish
Hot pink or Light pink polish
Pure Ice #989 oh baby!, or a translucent clear glitter polish
Heart shaped rhinestones (pink,red,and clear ones)

first and always put your base coat on (im using OPI nail envy natural nail strengthener for my base coat and top) then go ahead and put two coats of your white nail polish. then take your hotpink/ light pink polish and do the tips of your nails like a french manicure. once your done let it completely dry and put a coat of the glitter polish on top. You want to let it dry so when you put the glitter polish on it won't smuge the pink on to the white. now before that dries put heart shaped rhinestones on nails in random places. Finish it off with a top coat and your done, ready to spread love on Valentines day. MMMMMuuuaaahhhh!

Rihanna's new video "Rude Boy"

Now i usually really don't like Rihanna (because she did this depresion thing i wasn't feeling) but now seeing this video "rude boy" it definatly reminds me of the old her and M.I.A.

The video is colorful with rasta colors (p.s. i love the rasta skirt).
I also noticed that the outfit where she was playing the drums, the top was made out of broken records which was very cute and rebel looking. But all her costums had a 90's vibe to them. Other than that the song is catchy just like "hard".

The things i love in that video is the mikey mouse hat w/ the pink lipstick. Who ever creates her video costums must have gotton the idea from Jeremy Scott or got the stuff from him lls.