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Friday, September 25, 2009

Nail tutorial: futuristic metallic nails

things you will need:
-base&top coat
-Sally Hansen hard as nails xtreme wear
- #37 blue it -Nicka K
- #002 mosaic blue
-dotting tool/toothpick

lets get started :)
-first, take off all nail polish,shape,
buff,and remove cuticle on nails.for
this nail look you need more room on
your nail for the dots.

-apply a base coat, then apply 2 coats
of "blue it" let it completely dry

-next pour a little bit of the "mosaic blue"
onto a paper plate or a piece of paper.then
take your toothpick and put at least 3-4
dots down the middle of your nails(this will
set the spaces for the rest of your dots).continue
creating dots by row onto the rest of your nails
on both hands.all your nails should have rows of dots
all over them.

And there you have it blue futuristic metallic nails.
you can also try to do this design with different metallic colors.

*BIG ANNOUNCEMENT* - I'm going to be making videos on YouTube at least by the end of this year (November/December).my channel is called TheRawsugarworld.I already have one video that is taking forever to process,but it just explains what my style looks like in words.its fun,bright,colorful,creative,and stands out without you looking like a clown haha :)it also tells the people who don't know about my blog that im here giving out some good info on everything.so,yea im excited.
bye and i hope you liked this tutorial >_<

Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMA Awards 2009

wow that was so ....
i don't even have words
to explain.

-first of all who the hell let
kanye on stage.what was he thinking.
i mean we already got the message that
Beyonce's the shit.stop giving these random
out burst on your opinions.create a blog like
every other normal person.it was very classy
for beyonce to call taylor back on the stage
for her to have her moment of winning her award,
bravo.as for kanye he just fucked his self in the
ass(excuse the french).

-now lets talk about Lady ga-ga wtb?(what the buck?)
is all i have to say.i mean wow, she is really the
definition of different (or weird),but she still the
best artist of '09 I think.llz i was on the phone with
my friend after her performance an she yelled scared
of what ga-ga had on, it was hilarious. i told her you had
to know that was lady ga-ga i mean who else would have a
viberant red lace all over her face. ... until you love me
papa Paparazzi.

-jay-z's performance toke forever to start but everything
was good afterwords until lil mama got on stage.again who's
guard that thing they need to be fired an never work at an
awards show again.

- another good performance was Green Day they were amazing.
Taylor Swift also amazing that looked really fun to do.beyonce
did her usual thing,and Janet Jackson set the stage on fire.
I can't believe she's in her 40's she look really good. pink
was phanominal i would had never thought any one would do that.

-last but not least who's going to see MJ's new movie "This Is IT"
(i think thats what its called)Mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee.well i gotta go
to skool in the morning bye >.<

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bubble gum nail tutorial

i dunno whatsup with me i do my nails almost everyday.

its like im not satisfied IDK.so this tutorial is very girly.
the things you will need is as follows:

-clear silverish glitter nail polish (the
glitter pieces look, ugh this would be
much easier to show you only if i had
my camera,idk)
-light pink (for tips)
-white nail art polish
-clear top&base coat
-small rhinestones
first but on base coat,then put one coat of your
glitter polish on.after that add your tips(french tip)
on your nails. now here's were it gets kinda difficult.
leave your pointer and ring fingers just like that.
your going to do three different designs for the pinkie
and middle finger and your thumb. on your pinky's
under the tip put small dots (like 4-5).
then on your thumb make a butterfly.
and on your middle finger do a bow. in the middle on
the bow put a rhinestone.then to finish put on a top
coat. there you have it cute and kinda simple :P

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Text Me expressions nail tutorial

so i just finished a nail design
its called texted expressions

the things you will need is
as follows:
-clear top&base coat
-homemade gliter nail polish (optional)
-hot pink
-black design nail polish

first put on base coat (or homemade glitter polish) then make frenchtips with the hot pink on all fingers.then with the black design nail polish make different facial expressions. some examples are in the pic. then put a top coat over it.this design is very very simple but cute at the same time and i just love the title don't you?another thing you could do to make it your own is use a different bright color for the tips.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kawaii (super cute) deco. <3

-so i just got into kawaii decorations.
kawaii decorations are cellphone cases,
compact mirrors,ipod cases,jewelry boxes,
photo-frames,nail polish tops,fake nails,any-
thing really that is decorated with pearls,
rhineshones,charms,fake whipped cream
(silicon),lace,ribbons,bows,pieces of jewelry,
and etc. its a trend in japan for teen girls
and even young-adults.
-they are very fun to make, but some items
may take longer to finish,so take your time
with it so it can come out beautifully.
-if it's your first few times doing this i would
recommend getting a few kits before getting
separate items to decorate one thing.
but if you think you got the jest of it go right
ahead and do you're thing.if you don't start with
a kit and horribly mess up you won't really feel
bad because most of the materials you need
are cheap.So good luck on your kawaii decoration
and i hope you enjoyed <3>
P.S i did not make these
beautiful creations. the nails was created by "My kawaiibox"
and the compact mirror and ipod phone case was created by "Pinkyanela".

Monday, September 7, 2009

blue bahama nails

so these nails are very simple there's no
design or anything just nail polish colors.
the blues i will be using are as follows:

-sinful colors #10 aqua
-sally hansen hard as nails
xtreme wear #37 blue it
-nicka k #002 mosaic blue
-n.y.c long wear clear(top&base coat)

so i've done a post about how i do my manicures/nails in the past so you can
check that out. and thats all i did really did. to start shape,buff,file,moisturize,remove cutticle,and base coat.

ok, so for the colors they will be on seperate finger,
i gave each finger a color basicly. the pinky and middle fingers
are in sinful colors aqua,thumbs and pointer fingers painted
in sallyhansen xtreme wear blue it, and finally nicka k mosaic
blue on your ring fingers.
all the colors together just reminded me of the bahamas,and the water.its simple but really cute and different.no one really does different colors on fingers anymore,it would always be just one color. so bye,i hope you liked it & enjoy ^_^

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Healthy you :P

here are some healthy food tips
i would like to share with you guys.
also a detox diet,& some new skin care
products i heard about so here we go :)

healthy food tips:
- drink lots of water(at least 8 bottles a day)
i know its a lot but i usually can get up to 6 a day.
drinking lots of water will help your skin,aging,and
over all your body.
-eating blueberries . blueberries will clear blemishes
on your face,increases cell membrane fluidity,relives
tired eyes,and is the riches source of antioxidants.
so mix 1/2cup of blueberries w/yogurt for a snack.

-dark chocolate. this treat may not have milk & sugar for
taste and be a little on the bitter side(i think), but it's worth it.
the flavonoids in dark chocolate act as antioxidants which protects
the body from aging.*funfact many people forget that chocolate's a plant-
based food, its a fruit*. eat half a dark chocolate bar for desert.
-grape tomatoes. their packed with vitamin a & c,fiber,
and some phytochemicals. mix these little guys in a spinach
salad, or eat'em like grapes :)

-take a hand-full of almonds. even thought their high in
calories their a chock full of protein and fiber which is good
for your digestive system. eat a hand full inbetween meals
as a snack
speaking of digestive system i found a Detox Diet.
a detox diet is regimen involving a change in consumption habits
in an attempt to 'detoxify' the body by removal of 'toxins' or other
contaminants.detoxes help you cleanse your body,lose weight,and
make you feel better/more energized.
its called the lemon detox diet. it consists of fresh water,pure lemon juice,cayenne pepper, and natural maple syrup. while the acid in the lemon juice assists the cleansing process, the cayenne pepper helps speed up your metabolism for circulation and a greater release of toxins from the body.this diet also presents a mental challenge for you as well. when hunger pain strikes just drink more of the lemon mixture.
here are the precised measurements:
-2tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (not concentrate/drink mix)
-2tablespoons of organic/natural maple syrup (no maple flavored syrup)
-1/10 of a tea spoon of cayenne pepper (more or less to taste)
-one bottled water
shake all ingredients well in bottle.
*I'm not promoting fad diets. if you want to lose serious weight i don't recommend this method.the correct exercise and eating right will do the job for you if you're consistent.
idk if this will push you into trying to do this, but Beyonce and other Hollywood stars have
use this detox diets with amazing results.she has reportedly lost 20 pounds in two weeks quoting : "i lived on water,cayenne pepper,and maple syrup for 14 days.it was tough ;everyone was eating and i was dying"
there's a beauty guru on YouTube i found 3 days ago,JhenelleDeNa. on one of her recent skin care videos (here's the URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Mb-FtHms08) she talks about what she uses for her skin problems. she explains how in her earlier videos and more recent ones you can tell the difference in her skin. so whats shes been using are and all other info is as follows:
-black opal blemish control completion bar soap
-black opal purifying astringent
-Nubian heritage lemongrass & tea tree soap
this next one she says is like the miracle pill for skin
-skin disorder formula pills
*only available at Herbal Pharmacy,VA
so if you don't live in/near Virginia beach here's the info:
100 pills for $31.95
phone number: (for north of VA only) 1-757-622-5828
store hours:mon-fri:9am-7pm,sun:1pm-5pm
i hope you enjoyed the info i shared with you guys bye >.<

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Honey and your face :)

Honey- a sweet brownish/yellowish/amber
fluid produced by various bees from the nectar
of flowers.
honey is really good for your skin. It contains
waxes,sugars,& traces of minerals. Honey is a
natural moisturizer and sensitive to the skin.
Here are two facial recipes for you to enjoy.
1)honey mask
-put a small amount of honey into a small
container(i used a shot glass)
-put the honey in the microwave for 10 sec
-the honey will be HOT(trust me lls), let it
cool down a little
-take a pastry brush/foundation brush
dip it in the warm honey,blow the honey
on the brush before applying,then apply
honey all over face
-keep it on your face for about 15mins
-wash off with warm water
-pat dry,& moisturize
-*do this everyday for real results*
2) yogurt and honey facial
-mix honey with vanilla/
original flavor yogurt
-apply onto face with foundation brush
-let sit for 10mins/ until dry
-wash off with warm water,splash cold
water onto face to close and firm face
-pat dry & moisturize
so there you have it a perfectly sweet <3

fall fashion


My fav store Delias has peacoat jackets outfor the fall.the prices range from $69.50 - $109.50. they also have cute scarves,gloves, and mittins.Now go shop lol :P