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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Childhood memories

Even though im about to graduate high school i still feel like such a kid at heart lls
I can remember it rained my brother, cousin, and i would put on our bathing suits and play in the rain. Now i just enjoy looking at it rain from my window i love when the wind blows and the smell :)

I still to this day love to watch cartoons. Cartoons in the 90's don't compare to cartoon shows now, they were so much better. The PowerPuff Girls, Dexters Laboratory, Sailor Moon, Johnny Bravo, Cow & Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd and Eddy. I remember when ToonDisney would show the Gargoyles, Aladin, the little mermaid, Timon & Pumba, Winnie the Pooh ugh! i miss those days lls I still watch bommerang whenever i can, even the classics still make me laugh Tom & Jerry, MGM, and the looney toons are the best :D

heres one of my faves

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Perfect Manicure

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I kinda miss actually putting in the time to type words on a blog lls
Ever since i got a blog on tumblr its been different i never come up
here anymore but im gonna try to start up again. I have a lot more
fashion and beauty ideas from tumblr thats all it really is a lot of
fasion, quotes, well let me stop right there Tumblr has everything! :D
thats why i love it so much

Heres my tumblr, plz follow :D rsworld

Prom 2011!!!!!!

im so excited for prom :D even thought i don't have a date :( lls
(boyfriends on lock down) My prom is next Saturday and i can't wait

I wanted to do a prom essentials for your clutch you bring with you,
just a list of things that i think you should bring with you to Prom

1) Your prom ticket!! please don't forget this or all that hard work and planing will go to waste lls or if your lucky your school will have a little sign-in table and they will have your name from where you purchased your ticket already

2) Make-up touchups
i don't think you need everything you did your makeup with eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brushes, lipstick no thats just way too much to carry in your little clutch. All you need is maybe a lipgloss/lipstick that you've used and maybe mascara at the most.

3) Camera & Phone
these are basically self explanatory, you need your camera to capture the moments you'll never forget and to remember what everyone was wearing. then your phone, you wouldn't leave that on a regular day lls

im sure there will be food at your prom, just incase the food and drinks funks up your breath carry either tic-tacs or a small 3-4 piece pack of gum small enough to fit into your clutch

5)Extra Money & ID
you really need this if your going to an after party or out to eat before you get home or you might need a way home if something happens

6)Bobby Pins
if you have an updo all that wild dancing might make your elegant hair fall out of place so only take about 5 pins to put it back up

7)Body Spray
dancing can really make you sweat so bring a little body mist or perfume to freshen up nothing to big

If your wearing heels you'll definitely feel the corns and bunions coming on lls :) so just wrap the band-aid around the toe that you feel the most rubbing from for more comfort. don't take the whole box just 2-4

And i think thats all folks! anything else would just be a lag to carry around you want to feel like your have a backup so if something gos wrong you can fix it in a snap not like your carrying your tote bag. You wanna feel free and dance the night away. I hope everyone has fun at their prom, i know i will :D