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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nail tutorial: Milkyway/space out

What you will need:
base and top coat
black polish
sheer glitter polish
clear glitter polish
white polish
dark metallic blue/ dark blue polish

First apply a base coat on all nails. Then paint all nails black let it completely dry. Open both blue and black polishes you will have to quickly put a dab of each polish then swirl then together creating a milky way effect. After that dries use a tooth pick to create small dots with the white polish which will be our stars. Let all of this completely dry you don't want the white to smear over your darker canvas. Put a coat of the sheer glitter polish over it then the clear glitter polish for a more cosmic look. Don't forget to put a top coat over the design to last longer.

Hope you guys like it, i have more coming very soon :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RSW progress report & ILLIENZ

Hey guys, I wanted to update you on how im doing with RSW. I've made new bracelets for the Perfectly Flawed collection. They look so good :) One of my friends, Lawrence, is helping my advertise RSW's Perfectly Flawed collection. I want to sponser with The ILLIENZ, which lawrence is a part of and i also hope to be. Here's their website ILLIENZ, Join the Movement or you shall die.... lls jk but i love them so much and missed the opportunity to hang out with them earlier in the beginning of the summer. They are still searching for models so if you can contact them on the website. You don't just have to model to join the movement. If you can rap, sing, do poetry, photographer, an artist, draw, make jewelry (like me :P) almost anything. If you're not sure about how you can contribute your talent again just contact them and get your self out there because they will try to promote you as much as possible, or to the most of their ability. Heres one of their promo videos just the link : ILLIENZ promo vid and Enjoy some pics of the illienz

Saturday, July 3, 2010

CuteOverload (pic heavy)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Bullshit & Deuces (Chris Brown)

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Chris Brown's album is going to be so freaking good
I love these two songs <3 Enjoy :)


No Bullshit

new polish and jewelry

Hey guys i got this cute new polish from the beauty supply. Its Ruby kisses Baby Blue (RNP40). This polish is basically a clear polish with blue glitter.

I had to apply 3 coats to achieve the look of the bottle,to get my whole nail covered with the glitter.It was super easy to apply didn't dry to fast.I think all glitter polishes takes a little longer to dry for some reason.When it dried it was pretty shiny by itself without a top coat, which my nails don't have in the picture.

I got this kawaii ring from Claries. When i saw it i gasped so loud lls. It has three sliver/clear rhinestones on each side of the bunny. The bunnies eyes are black oval stones and the ear's have pink teardrop stones. I'm so in love with this ring its so cute ^_^