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Monday, March 29, 2010


So I'm logging onto my blog like any normal day and i see the thing I've been waiting for..... MY FIRST FOLLOWER. I was so happy I had a smile on my face for at least 5min. lls (i know I'm a loser). And my first follower is the amazing Dollface22772. I did a post earlier last week on her blog giveaway (which i hope i win). I wanted to thank you for giving me the happiness of obtaining my first follower. In return i would like to send you a happy kawaii package<3. It will contain candy,lipglosses,an oil fragrence, other misc items, and a one-of-a-kind necklace from Rawsugarworld my kawaii jewelry line, p.s. store opens this summer of 2010. Just e-mail me and tell me some of your favorite things to make your happy kawaii package a happier one.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Dollface blog give away

OMG!!!! a blog giveaway. I'm entering in the first ever blog giveaway at adayinthelifeofdollface.blogspot.com(click here for all the details).celebrating getting 100 subscribers. She also has an amazing YouTube channel where she does even more amazing nail designs, www.youtube.com/user/dollface22772
Not only does she do creative nail art tutorials but she's a business owner and chocolatier creating hand-made yummy chocolates. Defiantly an inspiration to be considering i love beauty(makeup,nails,etc) and i want to become a business owner/ pastry chef(baker).
Here's some of her beautiful work:

This design won her first place in Luxuriousnails contest.--->

She also has an etsy store where she sells charms her store is called "littlest charm factory" . Such a busy woman but still has time for her fan/subscribers to do this giveaway.

Yummy settings ^_^

So while i was searching for a job/internship i came across this sweet,cute,yummy website. www.amyatlas.com they do desert tables for events. The business is owned by Amy shes so talented. All of her work looks fun and colorful while still being sophisticated. So the next time you have a party look her up. Every time i looked at her desert tables i could taste sugar on the tip of my tongue lls Now this isn't a negative thing but it made me feel like i had diabetes it looks so good.

Lush stuff YAY!!!

so on Saturday my mommy got me two things from lush. I was like OMG, LUSH!
lls I was really happy. these are my first lush products I've ever tried.
I got a bubble bar, bath bomb and facial exfoliating mask. I forgot I wanted to take Pictures and used the bath bomb the first night i got it. So all that's left is this "boom boom" label I thought that was too cute. The bomb turned my bath water
silky and smelling good, and it also left my water purple lls. I wish the bubble bar would have made more bubbles, it was OK but it smelled great. The mask that i got is lettuces love. It has almond shells for exfoliation. It left my skin feeling soft,firm, and supple i loved it. Next time i have to go with her to get some shower gels :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


OMG!!! flowerpush foundation video was so helpful to me.
Check her youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/flowerpush.
here's the video: Foundation Application.So one of the products she used in the video was iman's second to none foundation stick. It blended really well to her skin tone, i hope i can just find my perfect shade. Its $15($14.99) and can be found at Target,and Walgreens.

Spring and Summer yea!!!

So it's been getting hot this past week. It's time to work off that layer of fat from the cold day's and even colder nights. I've been going to the gym with my mom and running around my neighborhood just to get started. Another thing that i've noticed is since my mom has to keep up with her blood sugar by going to the gym everybody in my house has been eating healthier and drinking lots of water. I always take 1-2 bottles of water to school it's like a habit now llz.

Swimming suits
Delias always has cute bathing suits and target too. I think im going to get my first bikini this year. I know "omg your first bikini!". Idk why but i was never into showing my tummy off when i was younger lls. And im going to get a tankini. Tankini's are so comfortable to me. Then it's off to Old Navy for some $5 flip-flops(two for 5) www.oldnavy.com.

so i found these cute dresses from forever21. Their floral,sleeve-less, and short.