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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day


Here is a nail tutorial for you guys. I know it's a little late because today's the 12th but it's better than nothing right.

Things you will need:
White nail polish
Hot pink or Light pink polish
Pure Ice #989 oh baby!, or a translucent clear glitter polish
Heart shaped rhinestones (pink,red,and clear ones)

first and always put your base coat on (im using OPI nail envy natural nail strengthener for my base coat and top) then go ahead and put two coats of your white nail polish. then take your hotpink/ light pink polish and do the tips of your nails like a french manicure. once your done let it completely dry and put a coat of the glitter polish on top. You want to let it dry so when you put the glitter polish on it won't smuge the pink on to the white. now before that dries put heart shaped rhinestones on nails in random places. Finish it off with a top coat and your done, ready to spread love on Valentines day. MMMMMuuuaaahhhh!