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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Teeth whitening

Hi everyone so I've been wanting to get my teeth whitened for a long time especially for my senior pictures. Since i can afford going to get my teeth whitened I've decided to use at home whitening strips and other tips & tricks to get my teeth whitened and maintain my pearly whites.

So i'm just gonna go through all the steps.

The first important thing is the tooth brush you use.Tip#1 Everyone says that tooth brushes that vibrate cleans your teeth better than a regular one. So i found a cheap one the Spin Brush Pro Whitening tooth brush by arm&hammer its about $6 and you can buy replaceable heads for it too.

Next i the type of tooth paste you use. Since our goal is whitening you want a whitening toothpaste. There are a few different ones by Colgate i like. There's Colgate total advanced whitening, Pro-clinical daily whitening, Ulta white, Tatar control. so i think i'll get the Colgate total advanced whitening and tartar control and switch up every month.

Then come the mouth wash. I know your thinking what about the floss but i don't think floss is a part of whitening but just so you know i use floss picks the most by oral-b. So the mouth wash i use is Listerine but it doesn't have any whitening agents in it's the regular kind, so i'll probably be using Listerine's tartar control mouthwash or try scope whitening mouth wash.

Now whitening strips & systems I've heard about. One is Plus white 5 min whitening system. My brother brought it once before. Now i hate the taste of the whitening gel and with the mouth guard they have it gets all out of the guard and its just a mess for me, but i also wanna try Crest advanced seal. It was recommended by YouTube make-up guru AllThatGlitters21 in her "Be Kissable for New Years!" video, which is where i got so of the products i can use from. Tip#2 whitening strips and products are known to make teeth sensitive, it breaks the enamel of your teeth which makes them sensitive. So don't over do it whitening every night i would say about 1 week each month and then use the other products to maintain your pearl whites.

Tip #3
One thing that i have been doing on and off use brushing my teeth with baking soda and rinsing my mouth with peroxide, then i would go back a second time with my regular toothpaste and mouth wash because i couldn't stand the taste and smell. This could be an alternative to whitening strips if you already have sensitive teeth or use whitening product made especially for people with sensitive teeth.