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Thursday, July 23, 2009

DSK jewelry(cute&sophisticated)

OMG! so you guys a few months ago ,while i was visiting the fam in georgia, i found this woman(her name is Steph) who makes the most wonderful jewelry creations i've ever seen. its called DSK Jewelry. she also has a blog on blogspot, here's the url:
http://dskjewelry.blogspot.com/. im telling you, you just have to buy one of the pieces. you can customize or just buy the pieces already designed by Steph. AMAZING! theres a pic of my fav piece
that i will be ordering in the future. it's called Bubbi's necklace after the guru from youtube i mentioned the one that does the teriffic
homemade masks. she also did a video showing
how cute and fabulous it is.here's that url:
so check it out i guarantee you will find something.
peace :)