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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pinup girl look (includes makeup,clothing,nails,&hair)

one of my all time fav pin up girls is
Betty Page. In my opinion shes one of
the best because of her arched eyebrows
& black hairdo. another one almost everybody loves and admires is Marilyln Monroe.
the huge different was that Betty was more
pornographic than Marilyln, definity.Betty
just didn't really make it as far as Monroe did in the acting career.even though i think she looks much sexier
with the dark hair. we could go on and on about this but both of these fabulous ladies inspired me to do a pinup girl complete look tutorial(if i had my camera i would love to start doing tutorials on youtube but it's lost lls.)alright so to start i will be listing the things you'll need below to accomplish the complete pinup girl look:
-for eyes
  • -consealer,-primer,-white/silver eyeshadow,-black/brown/goldish eyeshadow,-brow definer(in your hair color),-black eyeliner,-black mascara,-eyelash curler,false lashes(optional),-photo finish make up spray

-for lips

  • -red lip pencil,-darkish red lipstick,-clear lipgloss(not to shiny)

-for face

  • pink/peachy blush
-for nails
  • -bright or dark red nail polish,-top&base coat nail polish
-for hairdo
  • -red/black/white flower hairclip,-fake clip on bang(if you don't already have one) OR -lots of bobby pins,-vent brush,-tight ponytail holder
-for clothes
  • -lace halter top dress or tight dress that enhances the chest area in red/black,-peep toe high heels in red(if black dress) & black(if red dress)

Alright let's get started.to start off wash off and moisturize face.
apply primer & consealer all over eye lids and consealer in the needed areas on face .

(i included an eye makeup chart for help)
following the chart apply the white/sliver based eyeshadow
on #2 & #1. you apply it by your brows to make them look
more arched. then take the black/goldish brown and apply
it on #4 the crease of your lids. try to make the edge of
that color into a v-shape going in an upward direction.
blend all that to make sure there are no harsh lines
with a smudge brush or just the eyeshadow brush.
use your brow definer to darken the brows.now with your eyeliner
in black make sortof a cats eye.from the tear ducs all the way to the end of your eye lashes.if using false lashes do the eyeliner after then mascara.make sure you use a dark dying glue so it could blend in,curl,then apply mascara.if not just curl eyelashes & apply mascara.

you're almost done with make up. line your lips with the red lip liner. if you're not sure about using red use a more natural tone lipliner & a lipstick thats the same tone but shimmery. now apply lipsstick(you can also use a lip gloss thats a red color. my choice would be razzle dazzle lipglass by MAC).lastly apply blush on the apple and cheek bone(up to your sideburns).give up pinup girl make up a sprits of the photo finish spray holding it at least an inch away from your face. DONE fresh pinup girl make up.

next step to the pinup girl complete look is the hair.now there's 2 lists of things for two different looks.the one with the bang is more of a betty look & the on with the bobby pins is more of a marilyln look. below theres a videos by Iris, she have a channel on youtube mostly doing hair tutorials, how to keep your hair healthy ect. this video is for more of a Marilyln hair do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rl3w6g1CGc.then heres a video on who to make your own fake hair clip bang by Lady Shay, more of the betty look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz3soS579E4 . after you made your clip put it on then bump the ends of your hair with a flat iron then put the flower on the side of your head by your ear.

onto the nails. apply a base coat,2 coats of the nail polish,then a nice coat of a clear top coat nail polish. let dry completly until moving on to the clothing part.(trust me you don't want red nail polish on a beatiful black halter top dress llz.) if wanted paint toes to for your cute peep toe heels.

ok now to get dressed.below is a dress i found on http://www.hottopic.com/ very vintage because of the lace but still in the modern style. the some cute red suede peep toe heels on http://www.overstock.com/.

after you can do a photoshoot with friends & have fun with it.