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Monday, August 24, 2009

2-way nail art polishes (brush/pen)

OK so I've been hearing a lot lately about these little nail polishes right here. apparently at the top of these nail design polish tops there are also pens and a brush .so these pens can be used as a dotting tool or if your doing swirls,flowers,bows, or any very detailed design this will really be helpful. you can buy them on eBay.com . if you don't already have a membership on eBay you have to get one because you can get some really good deals for beauty supplies up there.

the second picture on the bottom you can see the tops better.so the part were the two golden strips are you pull that off and the ridged part is where the pen begins. for the brush you just screw the whole top off like a
regular design nail polish brush.

another thing, the bottles are plastic the whole
thing is plastic so you might want to get insurance
on the shipment or whatever to make sure you
get to use all your products.if you're not sure about
this nail poilsh brush/pen thing then they have a
different amounts of polishes you buy. the lowest
amount i found is 12 then its goes 24,54,72.
i think 72 is the highest. but please try it's their
really good the colors some out nice and everything
so buy it it's worth the money.