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Sunday, August 23, 2009

color wild thing nail tutorial

wild thing nail tutorial
things you will need:
- clear base&top coat
-hot pink nail polish
-fuchsia nail polish
-black nail design polish
For the designs their are 2
pics i tried to make as a
guide for you guys.
-apply base coat. put one coat of hot pink
on all nails. now for the tiger design you
are only going to do your thumb,middle,and
pinkie fingers on both hands. so to do this
design it's better to do it from the bottom-up
so on the bottom left of your nail push down a little
bit to make the line look thicker then lift up and flick
for a skinnier ending.the line should not start on one
side of the nail and end up on the other, it stops in the
middle. alternate the side you start with do all fingers
listed until you get to the top of the nail.
-the on your pointer and ring fingers do the leopard
print design.for this design you will always need a color
to go under the black lines.put random shaped dots
around your nail.let that dry then come back with
the black and put 2 or 3 lines around the dots alternating
with the number of lines. to finish let nails completely
then put a top coat over nails.done.