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Monday, August 17, 2009

Today's Gossip:Lady Gaga has WHAT!

Ok, so i think many of you have reportedly
heard about Lady gaga's huge suprise to the media.
Lady gaga is intersexual/hermaphrodite (however
you wanna say it). No one ever thought that this
could be ture. I mean look at her she's a sexy, hot,&
talented person. An artist and song writer.that's the
same way that we should look at her now. I mean i
didn't belive it until i actually saw this video check it out:
To me it's not a big deal i won't look at her any different.
i remember i was on facebook and this guy updated his
statis saying "omg lady gaga has a dick". Someone else
commented on his status saying "i know kid cuddi,wale, and
akon mad as shit right now". I was like "why would they be mad
its not any of their business. I doubt very highly that they would
be mad because they assotiated with her."

So they are also reporting what she said but they aren't sure
she said it because they can't find a reliable source. But in this
statement it says "I think this makes a great opprotunity to
make other multipule gendered people comfortable with their
bodys." I agree with that statement whether it was her or not.

This is just going to be Ciara all over again. even though Ciara
is also a talented, beautiful woman they ridiculed the shit out of
her.But i hope she stays strong and doesn't say anything stupid to the media.
instead she should start a thing where multipule gendered peolpe could
get therepy if their having trouble with dealing,hire some one who could
show them ways of having a normal life style & sex life.
THESE ARE MY OPINIONS SO DEAL. thanks for reading peace & love <3