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Monday, August 17, 2009

how to keep healthy looking nails<3

this is what i do ever time i do my nails.
whether it be my toes or hands. so your
basicly going to learn how i do my maincure
& pedicure rotine.

things you will need:
-nail file.i use emery boards by trim.they can be found at walmart.
i use these because they come with a lot of little files,their strong,&
they last longer than regular nail files. another thing i found out about these files is that they have a very coarse texture to them.so if you have weak nails and you use these don't be to harsh with the movement of shaping your nail (it would break of part of your nail instead)

-strenthening nail polish remover. usually for me when i mess up my nails and i have to
start all over again the nail polish softens my nails making them weak(so they break off and etc.)so i use strengthing polish remover instead.

-culicle oil/vitamin e oil. i use ruby kisses cuticle oil.it contains lemon extract and vitamin e oil.so if you can't find this then just get vitamin e oil and lemon extract mix it together bam! plus it makes your hands smell like lemon tarts yum.

-cuticule cutters. i know some of you have heard that cutting your cuticules is bad,you should
just moisturize but for some reason my cuticule grow a lot faster than others (weird i know) if you don't wanna use it you don't gotta llz :D

-nail buffer. it don't matter what kind just make sure it's coarse enough to buff the nail.

-clear strenghtening nail polish. preferably sally hansens :)

-nail growth formula. i use 'nutra nail 5 to 7 grownth aloe formula'. my nails were short, they kept breaking and flaking(nail layers were peeling). so this has definitly worked for me i use it everyday even if i have nail polish on.
-my fav. nail polish
so first take off any nail polish. buff & shape nails then cut off cuticules. apply growth formula on nail,cuticule,& under nail.massage into nail. then moisturize cuticules with cuticule oil, massage that into cuticule. apply nail polish strenghtener, let dry. then apply color onto nails, let that dry.
put on a top coat.after that dries put some more cuticule oil on nails or moisturize hands with lotion.