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Thursday, September 10, 2009

bubble gum nail tutorial

i dunno whatsup with me i do my nails almost everyday.

its like im not satisfied IDK.so this tutorial is very girly.
the things you will need is as follows:

-clear silverish glitter nail polish (the
glitter pieces look, ugh this would be
much easier to show you only if i had
my camera,idk)
-light pink (for tips)
-white nail art polish
-clear top&base coat
-small rhinestones
first but on base coat,then put one coat of your
glitter polish on.after that add your tips(french tip)
on your nails. now here's were it gets kinda difficult.
leave your pointer and ring fingers just like that.
your going to do three different designs for the pinkie
and middle finger and your thumb. on your pinky's
under the tip put small dots (like 4-5).
then on your thumb make a butterfly.
and on your middle finger do a bow. in the middle on
the bow put a rhinestone.then to finish put on a top
coat. there you have it cute and kinda simple :P