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Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMA Awards 2009

wow that was so ....
i don't even have words
to explain.

-first of all who the hell let
kanye on stage.what was he thinking.
i mean we already got the message that
Beyonce's the shit.stop giving these random
out burst on your opinions.create a blog like
every other normal person.it was very classy
for beyonce to call taylor back on the stage
for her to have her moment of winning her award,
bravo.as for kanye he just fucked his self in the
ass(excuse the french).

-now lets talk about Lady ga-ga wtb?(what the buck?)
is all i have to say.i mean wow, she is really the
definition of different (or weird),but she still the
best artist of '09 I think.llz i was on the phone with
my friend after her performance an she yelled scared
of what ga-ga had on, it was hilarious. i told her you had
to know that was lady ga-ga i mean who else would have a
viberant red lace all over her face. ... until you love me
papa Paparazzi.

-jay-z's performance toke forever to start but everything
was good afterwords until lil mama got on stage.again who's
guard that thing they need to be fired an never work at an
awards show again.

- another good performance was Green Day they were amazing.
Taylor Swift also amazing that looked really fun to do.beyonce
did her usual thing,and Janet Jackson set the stage on fire.
I can't believe she's in her 40's she look really good. pink
was phanominal i would had never thought any one would do that.

-last but not least who's going to see MJ's new movie "This Is IT"
(i think thats what its called)Mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee.well i gotta go
to skool in the morning bye >.<