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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Healthy you :P

here are some healthy food tips
i would like to share with you guys.
also a detox diet,& some new skin care
products i heard about so here we go :)

healthy food tips:
- drink lots of water(at least 8 bottles a day)
i know its a lot but i usually can get up to 6 a day.
drinking lots of water will help your skin,aging,and
over all your body.
-eating blueberries . blueberries will clear blemishes
on your face,increases cell membrane fluidity,relives
tired eyes,and is the riches source of antioxidants.
so mix 1/2cup of blueberries w/yogurt for a snack.

-dark chocolate. this treat may not have milk & sugar for
taste and be a little on the bitter side(i think), but it's worth it.
the flavonoids in dark chocolate act as antioxidants which protects
the body from aging.*funfact many people forget that chocolate's a plant-
based food, its a fruit*. eat half a dark chocolate bar for desert.
-grape tomatoes. their packed with vitamin a & c,fiber,
and some phytochemicals. mix these little guys in a spinach
salad, or eat'em like grapes :)

-take a hand-full of almonds. even thought their high in
calories their a chock full of protein and fiber which is good
for your digestive system. eat a hand full inbetween meals
as a snack
speaking of digestive system i found a Detox Diet.
a detox diet is regimen involving a change in consumption habits
in an attempt to 'detoxify' the body by removal of 'toxins' or other
contaminants.detoxes help you cleanse your body,lose weight,and
make you feel better/more energized.
its called the lemon detox diet. it consists of fresh water,pure lemon juice,cayenne pepper, and natural maple syrup. while the acid in the lemon juice assists the cleansing process, the cayenne pepper helps speed up your metabolism for circulation and a greater release of toxins from the body.this diet also presents a mental challenge for you as well. when hunger pain strikes just drink more of the lemon mixture.
here are the precised measurements:
-2tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (not concentrate/drink mix)
-2tablespoons of organic/natural maple syrup (no maple flavored syrup)
-1/10 of a tea spoon of cayenne pepper (more or less to taste)
-one bottled water
shake all ingredients well in bottle.
*I'm not promoting fad diets. if you want to lose serious weight i don't recommend this method.the correct exercise and eating right will do the job for you if you're consistent.
idk if this will push you into trying to do this, but Beyonce and other Hollywood stars have
use this detox diets with amazing results.she has reportedly lost 20 pounds in two weeks quoting : "i lived on water,cayenne pepper,and maple syrup for 14 days.it was tough ;everyone was eating and i was dying"
there's a beauty guru on YouTube i found 3 days ago,JhenelleDeNa. on one of her recent skin care videos (here's the URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Mb-FtHms08) she talks about what she uses for her skin problems. she explains how in her earlier videos and more recent ones you can tell the difference in her skin. so whats shes been using are and all other info is as follows:
-black opal blemish control completion bar soap
-black opal purifying astringent
-Nubian heritage lemongrass & tea tree soap
this next one she says is like the miracle pill for skin
-skin disorder formula pills
*only available at Herbal Pharmacy,VA
so if you don't live in/near Virginia beach here's the info:
100 pills for $31.95
phone number: (for north of VA only) 1-757-622-5828
store hours:mon-fri:9am-7pm,sun:1pm-5pm
i hope you enjoyed the info i shared with you guys bye >.<