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Monday, September 7, 2009

blue bahama nails

so these nails are very simple there's no
design or anything just nail polish colors.
the blues i will be using are as follows:

-sinful colors #10 aqua
-sally hansen hard as nails
xtreme wear #37 blue it
-nicka k #002 mosaic blue
-n.y.c long wear clear(top&base coat)

so i've done a post about how i do my manicures/nails in the past so you can
check that out. and thats all i did really did. to start shape,buff,file,moisturize,remove cutticle,and base coat.

ok, so for the colors they will be on seperate finger,
i gave each finger a color basicly. the pinky and middle fingers
are in sinful colors aqua,thumbs and pointer fingers painted
in sallyhansen xtreme wear blue it, and finally nicka k mosaic
blue on your ring fingers.
all the colors together just reminded me of the bahamas,and the water.its simple but really cute and different.no one really does different colors on fingers anymore,it would always be just one color. so bye,i hope you liked it & enjoy ^_^