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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kawaii (super cute) deco. <3

-so i just got into kawaii decorations.
kawaii decorations are cellphone cases,
compact mirrors,ipod cases,jewelry boxes,
photo-frames,nail polish tops,fake nails,any-
thing really that is decorated with pearls,
rhineshones,charms,fake whipped cream
(silicon),lace,ribbons,bows,pieces of jewelry,
and etc. its a trend in japan for teen girls
and even young-adults.
-they are very fun to make, but some items
may take longer to finish,so take your time
with it so it can come out beautifully.
-if it's your first few times doing this i would
recommend getting a few kits before getting
separate items to decorate one thing.
but if you think you got the jest of it go right
ahead and do you're thing.if you don't start with
a kit and horribly mess up you won't really feel
bad because most of the materials you need
are cheap.So good luck on your kawaii decoration
and i hope you enjoyed <3>
P.S i did not make these
beautiful creations. the nails was created by "My kawaiibox"
and the compact mirror and ipod phone case was created by "Pinkyanela".