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Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple or Orange? hhuuuummm :[

well there is this girl named sade.
she use to go to chf high school but
moved somewhrer else. um my friend
shirmill use to talk to her, but the point
im trying to make is on her myspace page.
there is this go um idk what to call it
a blog,essay,theory i don't know.lets
call it a theory where she asks "Are you an
apple or an orange?". O.K so here it is

Are u an apple or an orange? Me? Im a shiny red apple. Im a dreamer; but not the type of dreamer u may be thinking of. I dont believe in working for someone else my whole life, basically being an office robot. God didnt put us on this earth to be struggling. To be just getting by. He wants the best for us (And im striving for that). Now there are some dreamers who sit there and say "it would be nice if..blah blah blah."
THAT is an orange. Now u also have people who KNOW what they want. they visualize it in their heads. They take the action to make it happen. and they go for it. they dont care what all these ORANGES is talking about..hatin on u, tryna get u down, etc only because ur not going along with society is telling u that u should do/be.
THAT is an apple.
now APPLES,: i know u readin this, u doing ur thing, u dont care about what NOBODYY else is doin or what they have to say. u know that its hard mingle with people who are NOT on ur level..u also know that u have to have things in common with others in order to have a successful relationship; and im not talking about boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. it could be a business partner, family member, friend, classmate, etc. apple, u know u gotta somehow be on the same page as the other person about some things.
i've noticed, from kindergarten, that when i go to school, im surrounded by a whole bunch of oranges...though there was a few apples, that includes teachers and students.
i noticed there was a whole bunch of old, rotten ass oranges always talkin bout "i wish i coulda did this" "i wish i coulda did that"
thats what oranges talk. its always negative talk. its never positive. they dont believe in positive self talk, or that when u talk a certain way, ur basically forming ur life out to be that way.
so even when im not at school, surrounded by oranges, im at home. surrounded by oranges, also known as my family. see, what oranges do is, they sit there and go to work and claim theyre happy. then they come home and start complaining about the recession, they watch the news, and whatever the newsman says is GOLD to them. they dont really believe in change. so when they see AN APPLE LIKE ME, they say "what the hell she doin blah blah blah etc" they start talkin shit.
now i know i probly got some oranges reading this...i know for A FACT i got some oranges reading this. so what u oranges need to understand about us apples is that WE APPLES GONNA DO WHAT WE GONNA DO. because we have a goal in mind.
I remember i used to try and force myself to mingle with oranges...but putting negative people in ur life is the worst thing u can do. When it comes to me and my business/education, if u not tryna contribute, then u will never understand what it is im tryna do as an apple.
and the thing about apples...WE DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT ORANGES ARE DOING. So if do something, as an apple, i dont have to go out and send an email to an orange who doesnt understand anything about my lifestyle. i have no reason to brag. if u find out, u find out; if u dont, u dont.
theres no way u could understand the lifestyle of an apple. u dont understand the positivity or the mindset. so why would i even talk to an orange? I WOULDNT.
now i love all my oranges to death, & i respect u when i see u. BUT when it comes to personal stuff, im not about to hit u up and let u know whats going on in my life...ya know? thats just how apples are.
oranges are always like "why she aint call nobody and blah blah blah.."
yall need to understand that we are going on with our lives..we are happy..and we know that when u cut out negative people, LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER.
now for all my apples out there: keep doin what u doin. cause u already know u CANNOT win with an orange. when u talk to an orange, u are giving them access to ur life & to talk shit about u so they know ur business.
and for my oranges: if u tryna get in with the apples in ur life, GET ON THEIR LEVEL. change the way u do things. change the way u talk. change the way u carry urself. change ur MINDSET. quit being a robot. quit following everyone else. get a brain. get a mind! or u will forever be pointless..and damn! stop worryin about what the next person is doing! u already know the apples dont care about what u doin...THATS WHY WE DONT CALL U!

- by sade

now if this didn't get you thinking on
your life & who you are, or who your
going to be you must already know.
thankx for letting me share hunn.