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Saturday, October 3, 2009

i found it :)

so i know most people don't like to
buy clear nail polishes over and
over again.so i've been trying to find
one of those huge circular bottles of
a clear base&top coat nail polish(you
know the ones you would see in a nail
shop but its never in regular stores).
so i finally found one in an online beauty
supply store www.bebeautiful.com where they
sell the CND polishes.the nail polish comes
in several different types.for example speedy
topcoat,super matte,super shiny high gloss,toughen up,
stickey(base coat).each of them are a 2.3oz. bottle for
$20.00 awesome price.

also on this website they sell crystal nail files.
crystal nail files are healthier to use on your nails
and gives a better result while filing. the nail tek
crystal files are $25.00. there's a mini travel crystal
file it comes with a pink case and thats $12.00

Ok so i hope you check it out theirs really a lot of essie
polishes too (thats a plus). peace&love <3