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Friday, September 25, 2009

Nail tutorial: futuristic metallic nails

things you will need:
-base&top coat
-Sally Hansen hard as nails xtreme wear
- #37 blue it -Nicka K
- #002 mosaic blue
-dotting tool/toothpick

lets get started :)
-first, take off all nail polish,shape,
buff,and remove cuticle on nails.for
this nail look you need more room on
your nail for the dots.

-apply a base coat, then apply 2 coats
of "blue it" let it completely dry

-next pour a little bit of the "mosaic blue"
onto a paper plate or a piece of paper.then
take your toothpick and put at least 3-4
dots down the middle of your nails(this will
set the spaces for the rest of your dots).continue
creating dots by row onto the rest of your nails
on both hands.all your nails should have rows of dots
all over them.

And there you have it blue futuristic metallic nails.
you can also try to do this design with different metallic colors.

*BIG ANNOUNCEMENT* - I'm going to be making videos on YouTube at least by the end of this year (November/December).my channel is called TheRawsugarworld.I already have one video that is taking forever to process,but it just explains what my style looks like in words.its fun,bright,colorful,creative,and stands out without you looking like a clown haha :)it also tells the people who don't know about my blog that im here giving out some good info on everything.so,yea im excited.
bye and i hope you liked this tutorial >_<